A Different Kind of School Chapter 5 NCERT Solution


A. Put these sentences from the story in the right order and write them out in a paragraph. Don’t refer to the text.

● I shall be so glad when today is over.

● Having a leg tied up and hopping about on a crutch is almost fun, I guess.

● I don’t think I’ll mind being deaf for a day – at least not much.

● But being blind is so frightening.

● Only you must tell me about things.

● Let’s go for a little walk.

● The other bad days can’t be half as bad as this.


Let us go for a little walk. Only you must tell me about things. I shall so glad when today is over. The other other bad days can’t be half as bad as this. Having a leg tied up and hopping about on a crutch is almost fun, I guess. I don’t think I’ll mind being deaf for a day – at least not much. But being blind is so frightening.

B. Answer the following questions

1. Why do you think the writer visited Miss Beam’s school? (1)


The writer visited Miss Beam’s school to see what her original method of teaching was. He had heard a lot about the school.

2. What was the ‘game’ that every child in the school had to play? (9)


Every child of the school had to play the game of being blind, lame, deaf or dumb at least once during the session. He had his eyes bandaged or his one leg tied up. This made him blind or lame for a day. He was helped and guided by another boy. This game made the child understand and also share misfortune.

3. “Each term every child has one blind day, one lame day…” Complete the line. Which day was the hardest? Why was it the hardest? (9, 11, 15)


The ‘Blind Day’ was really the hardest or most difficult. The bandaged girl also admitted that it was awful to be blind. One couldn’t see anything. One felt he/she was going to be hit by something every moment. It was great relief just to sit down.

4. What was the purpose of these special days? (5, 9)


There was a purpose behind these special days at Beam’s school. She wanted the children to get a taste of misfortune themselves. It was a part of education that each one spent a day as blind or lame or dumb. This helped them understand the problems of disabled persons. The children were also deputed to help the blind or the lame. They became kind, noble and thoughtful.


A. Match the words and phrases with their meanings in the box below.

homesick  (3)

practically (4)

it paints me (7)

appreciate (9)

thoughtless  (10)

exercise  (11)

relief  (13)

ghastly  (14)

see the box below.


homesick – wanting to be home 

practically – almost

it pains me – it hurts me

appreciate – understanding the difficulties

thoughtless – not very caring 

exercise – test the strength of 

relief – a welcome change

ghastly – terrible

B. Re – word these lines from the story:

I had heard a great deal about Miss Beam’s school.

Miss Beam was all that I had expected – middle aged, full of authority.

I went to the window which overlooked a large garden.

“We cannot bandage the children’s mouths, so they really have to exercise their will – power”.


The author had heard many people appreciate Miss Beam’s school.

The author had formed a mental picture of Miss Beam. He found her exactly as he had expected.

From the window, the author could have a view of the large garden outside.

On a dumbday, it wasn’t possible to put a bandage on the child’s mouth. So the child had to keep his mouth shut with the help of his will power.

C. 1. Given below is a page from dictionary. Look at it carefully and 

        (i) find a word which means the same as ghastly. Write down the word and its two meanings.

       (ii) find a word meaning a part of the school year.

      (iii) find a word that means examination.


(i) ghastly – terrible, horrible.

(ii) a part of the school year – term, (terms) conditions or things that you are asking for, a fixed length of time.

(iii) examination – test, security, ask someone questions.

2. Now make list of 

(i) all the words on the page (plus any more that you can think of) that begin with terr-

(ii) five words that may follow the last word on the page, that.

(iii) write down your own meaning of the word thank. Then write down the meaning given in the dictionary.


(i) terrace, terrible, territory.

(ii) thatch, thaw, the, theatre, three, theft.

(iii) expression of gratitude, … No, thank you – I don’t want any more.

D. A Poem for you to read

All but Blind

All but blind

In his chambered hole

Gropes for worms

The four – clawed Mole.

All but blind

In the evening sky

The hooded Bat

Twirls softly by.

All but blind

In the burning day

The Barn Owl blunders

On her way.

And blind as are

These three to me,

So, blind to Someone

I must be.

                        WALTER DE LA MARE

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